Honours programme

Do you want to make the most of your talents? Are you creative and driven? Then HU Honours is for you! Join other ambitious students from across the university and make a difference in your career and for society.

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You follow an honours track alongside your regular programme, and you won't receive credits, but stars for your work. Once you've earned five stars, you can request a final assessment to show that you are a 'leading professional in value creation for professional practice and society'. A positive result on your final assessment leads to your receiving an Honours certificate with your diploma.

Honours tracks

HU has organised its programmes in such a way that you can choose your own Honours track alongside your regular programme. From supply-oriented to demand-driven; in collaboration with other faculties; attached to courses in your programme; or as extra projects or your own initiative.

HU offers four kinds of Honours tracks:

HU offers various five-star honours programmes. These are linked to HU's core values as well as trends in society. Honours programmes are focused on complex social issues and are therefore often interdisciplinary in character. 

Some honours programmes are aimed at students of specific programmes, such as the Top Class for students in Health Care studies. Other honours programmes are open to all HU students, such as the Social Innovation Honours Programme.

Each HU programme offers a number of their regular courses at honours level. This means you will have one of more honours assignments in addition to the regular course content. With these honours assignments you deepen and broaden your knowledge and skills.

For each course you receive one star upon successful completion of the honours assignment(s). It is also possible to do parts of your minor, internship or research project at honours level.

It is possible to do extra projects or assignments that aren't linked to your programme but that you do in collaboration with a business or social organisation. This allows for plenty of room for initiative and innovation.

Do you have an interesting idea you want to tackle? Do you have a special skill you want to develop further? Then choose the personal route. Keep in mind that the product or service you develop needs to add value to professional practice or society. 

You choose your own project and organise your own route, but you can get guidance from an honours professor if you so wish.

What do you get out of it?

Participating in honours programmes or tracks has many benefits. You:

  • discover your talents and develop them further
  • learn to use a research-based interdisciplinary approach to innovation
  • raise your value in the job market with an honours certificate

Any Questions?

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"With five other students, I developed an app for a hospital, allowing doctors to retrieve patient information much quicker"

Paul van der Bijl Former ICT student

"During the honours programme I discovered I can do more than I previously thought. I acted as press liaison, managed social media and took pictures."

Miral de Bruine Journalism student