HU International Business Programme Honours goes UN SDGs

This project will help fulfil the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – we believe in doing our part no matter how small or big:

The Breakfast Club project has been executed by our IB Honours students : Alexandra Legentil, Alex Visan, Soma Ali, Maartje Mom and Arlan de With; coached by LeeWee Chew. 

Together with the different stakeholders, we are currently feeding 2 schools : FreMo school and Precious Hope School and by the end of 2018, the HU Breakfast Club would have fed 25,000 meals to the school kids. By providing a small daily nutritious albeit an important meal of the day, we are helping to alleviate hunger, giving these kids an equal opportunity to start to have a good education – “they need to be fed today to have a tomorrow”. Research shows that when kids are hungry, they cannot concentrate, get cranky and lethargic and are known to “cause trouble at school”. Further, this meal helps their parents “save a little money” to be used for other needs at home. The funds are given directly to the parent (mostly mothers) which are restricted for use for breakfast at the school.

We are proud of our IB Honours students – not only are they learning new skills while doing this project, they are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the UN SDGs in the economy, environment and society.

Should any one or any other institutes be interested to collaborate, please contact Join us in this worthwhile journey and make this an important part of the HU’s mission. Check out more details of what we’re doing at

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