HU partner of the EU funded project in Human Centered Artificial Intelligence

We are pleased to announce our partnership for the Human Centered Artificial Intelligence Masters (HCAIM) project, which is going to develop and deliver a Master's Degree program in Artificial Intelligence with a Human-Centred focus and strong ethical perspectives.

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Why this project

In a data-rich world, Artificial Intelligence can contribute to solving significant challenges for society. However, the use of AI needs to be legal and ethical, respecting human rights and freedom. Graduates making AI systems need the correct blend of technological skills and ethical knowledge, relevant to the needs of the industry. Our goal is to cultivate in our graduates analytical, design, and creative skills, based on the sound technical foundations of AI and ethics, balancing different expertise and integrating AI with human-centred systems and applications.

What is it about?

The project has been funded under the CEF-TC programme, on the European Platform for Digital Skills and Jobs, to design and deliver a Master's programme of 60 ECTS credits in Artificial Intelligence. The programme will help equip individuals with the know-how to create AI innovations that respect and support the protection of individual rights while harnessing the potential and the benefits of AI for today’s digital society. It draws on the educational and research expertise of 4 universities across Europe (Technological University Dublin, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, University of Naples Federico II), 3 Centres of Excellence (CNR, CeAdar, ESI CEE) and 3 SMEs (Real AI, Nathean Technologies, Citel Group), plus over 25 more leading ICT organizations who have offered to support the programme.

Who can join the program?

Those with a bachelor’s or a master’s degree and a solid background in technology, interested in cutting-edge AI, and passionate for human-centred technological development. A solid background in programming and statistics is needed as well. Graduates of this program will have, not just a knowledge of the ethical, lawful, and technologically robust AI development and integration but also the competences needed to apply this knowledge in real-world situations.

When will it start?

The MSc will start in fall 2022. In the meanwhile, you can join the live Webinars organized by the consortium, meet the instructors, discuss the topics you think are relevant for your learning path.


How to learn more?

Please follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter or on our official project website for more information, and consider joining us in one of the upcoming episodes of the HCAIM webinar series.

We look forward to welcoming you to our live sessions and have engaging discussions with top industry leaders, including our project partners from research, academia, industry, and many more.

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