HU sympathises with victims and those affected by earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria

The effects of the massive earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria touch us deeply. The images of the area affected by the earthquake are horrifying and the amount of deceased and injured are of an unimaginable magnitude.

Our thoughts are with the victims, relatives and those directly affected by this so sudden and far-reaching disaster in both countries. The HU sympathises with students and staff who live in anxious uncertainty as to whether family and friends will be found or have received the sad confirmation and mourn that they will never be able to hold their loved ones again.

Do you need help?

Do you need support or someone to talk to? The Diversity & Inclusion Network and HU HOME are organising a get-together at Heidelberglaan 9 (USP) this Thursday, 16 February, from 11am to 1pm. Here you can share your feelings and concerns and support each other. Students can also seek help from Study Career Coaches and the Learning Team Coaches. In addition, Team Student Support (student counsellor, student psychologists, the Student Support Centre) is available when needed. Staff can ask for help from managers, mentors and the confidential advisers are there for you.

Offer help yourself

Would you like to offer help to the people in the affected areas? Make a donation via Giro 555.

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