Impact your Future!

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is an inspiring place where exceptional things happen. We are centrally located in the Netherlands, within the vibrant Utrecht Science Park and in the heart of society. We look outward as well as forward. We believe in cooperation as well as individual growth. At HU, education, research and the corporate world come together to impact the future, your future. We look at issues from multiple angles to find innovative solutions for the city of tomorrow.

students scrumming

Facing challenges together

The city of tomorrow: our metaphor for the fast-changing and complex urban environment we live in. An environment that challenges us in the fields of healthcare, technology, safety and security, accessibility and sustainability. These challenges cannot be met by looking at them from one perspective, one area of technology, one field of expertise. They demand cooperation.

Creating impact at HU campus

Our campus is designed to facilitate this cooperation: between students, teaching and research staff, institutions, governments and corporations. We believe we need to innovate to create impact. That is why we allow room for initiative and entrepreneurship. That is why we prefer to learn and conduct research across fields of expertise. Unexpected co-productions create unexpected and innovative results. This ensures we have a direct impact on our urban environment – and well beyond. Because the issues we are facing here are relevant around the globe.

Creating innovative solutions together

ICT students and healthcare professionals who work together to create a game that makes patients exercise more. Engineering students who develop a sustainable home and work together with business and communication students on its financing and promotion. Students who start their own innovative businesses while still completing their degree. Cooperation and entrepreneurship impact the world of today, and of tomorrow. This is how HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht impacts the future.