Improvement plans USC published

The Utrechtsch Studenten Corps (USC) has published a summary of the improvement plan drawn up in response to the circulation of a so-called ‘chick-list’ (grietenlijst) earlier this year, originating from USC members. This list contained the names, personal and contact details of various female students.

This list prompted Utrecht University (UU) and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU) to impose sanctions on the USC. Part of these sanctions is the creation of a plan that leads to the improvement of social safety at the USC.

Necessary improvement processes in motion

Before May 1, UU and HU saw the USC improvement plan and provided an initial response to it, based in part on expert independent advice. USC then shared the final plan of action on May 6. 
“Based on these plans, we are currently confident that the necessary improvement processes are in motion ,” says Henk Kummeling, rector magnificus at Utrecht University. “Whether this really leads to creating a safe environment for everyone, will have to be seen in practice.” In the coming months, UU and HU will conduct interim monitoring of how the plans are being implemented.
“USC is responsible for the improvement plan and its implementation. But as educational institutions, we feel involved in this process,” says Wilma Scholte op Reimer, president of the Executive Board at HU. For that reason, the board members will meet with the new USC senate members over the summer to discuss the plans with them as well. 


In the course of this calendar year, two moments have been scheduled for interim reports from USC to UU and HU. Scholte op Reimer: “This is how we will monitor how USC implements the proposed plans. For this assessment, UU and HU will ask the advice of independent experts in the field of social safety and culture and behavioral change, if necessary.” Their advice will factor into the final decision on whether to discontinue USC's board scholarships, which will be made before the start of 2025.

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