New HU vision on education and research

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is a community of inspired students, lecturers, researchers and employees. It is our joint assignment to work on talent development and innovation. The stronger the collaboration between education, research and professional practice, the better we will be able to teach our students to work on solutions for today's issues. We do this based on the new HU vision 'Together for the Future' (Samen voor de Toekomst), which was presented during the opening of the 2022/2023 academic year.

The new HU vision is the guideline for all education provided and research conducted at the HU - and for the cohesion between education, research and professional practice. Starting point of this vision is our mission: being future-oriented and contributing to an open, just and sustainable society. That is why our education and research are aligned with the social issues we want to help solve. 

From this starting point, our vision offers design dimensions for our education and research. In addition, the HU has united its knowledge and expertise in the field of education and research in four areas of expertise: Healthy Together, Sustainable Together, Learning Together and Digital Together. With these four areas of expertise, we are able to focus on our contribution to the social challenges in the Dutch city and region of Utrecht. Many students, lecturers and researchers have contributed ideas to our new vision and their insights have also been included in the HU vision document.

Together for the Future outlines what HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht wants to achieve and gives direction to our education, research, service provision, policy and, above all, the collaboration with each other and with the professional practice. For more information, please download the HU vision here:

HU Vision: Together for the Future


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