HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht launches new master's in Sustainable Business Transition

The economy is at a turning point, from a focus on profit, prosperity and growth to a focus on sustainability, value creation and circular solutions. Innovation is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the new master's programme in Sustainable Business Transition, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht will train professionals to become future-oriented experts who can guide transitions towards sustainable business operations that combine social, environmental and economic value creation. The programme will start in September 2022 subject to accreditation by the NVAO.
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Climate change, increasing pressure on raw materials and decline in biodiversity pose major risks to businesses. A transition is needed towards a system that focuses on multiple value creation for people and society. This has created a great need for professionals with knowledge and skills  on the cutting edge of economics, technology, innovation and sustainability. With the master's programme in Sustainable Business Transition (SBT), HU aims to meet that need. The strong international orientation, the solid theoretical basis in combination with the practical solution-oriented approach mean that this master's programme prepares people optimally for a role as strategist and innovator for the business world.

Playing a leading role

Jos Reinhoudt, Koplopersnetwerk MVO Nederland: "Multidisciplinary thinking, future thinking, thinking in scenarios and being able to look beyond your own sector are very important skills that companies need. For that, this master's programme is definitely relevant."

Karel Schenk, PTP Design Lead at Heineken, concurs: "This master programme fits our needs. The labour market of Heineken and many other multinationals is international. The interdisciplinary, holistic approach is a strong point of the programme. Many things will be different in the future. If you can deal with that, you can play a guiding role in looking for solutions. I see that reflected in this master's programme."

Tomorrow's business professional

The programme helps professionals specialise in sustainable business development and the circular economy. Among other things, they learn to create and evaluate sustainable, circular and inclusive business models. They learn to think about the ethical impact of business models on people and the environment, with a specific focus on data-driven business models. They also learn to link their insights to practical tools such as ecosystem mapping for analysing the complex networks around organisations. Thus, insights are ultimately translated into business success, with actionable strategies that contribute to corporate social responsibility.

More information & registration

The master's programme in SBT offers a direct transfer option for bachelor's students from Creative Business, International Business, Business Administration, Technical Business Administration, Commercial Economics and other programmes in the economic domain. The programme will start in September 2022.

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Curious to learn more about this master's degree? Read more on the programme's page.

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