Consequences of the lockdown for education at the HU

On December 14th it was announced that the cabinet has decided on a far-reaching lockdown. For our education, this means that we will switch to online education from Wednesday December 16, 2020 until Monday January 18, 2021.

Only practical training and physical tests can still take place in the HU buildings. Research is only possible at the HU if it is not possible at home. Students will receive more information about this from their study program.

Study places are only available in the library and only for students who really cannot work from home. Registration for these places can only be done through the student counselors. Of course, the current guidelines will continue to apply to all activities at the HU, such as keeping a distance of one and a half meters, staying at home in case of complaints and wearing a face mask when moving around HU buildings.

Despite the major impact of this lockdown on our education and on the daily lives of all of us, we understand the cabinet's choice. Together with them, we hope that the measures in the coming weeks will lead to the desired decrease in the number of infections. So that there is perspective for a situation in which less demands are made on the perseverance and flexibility of our students and staff. To students we say: do keep studying! If you need extra support, please contact your study career counselor and visit HU Wegwijs

The Executive Board,

Jan Bogerd
Tineke Zweed
Wilma Scholte op Reimer

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