Big data’s impact on our society is growing year by year. But what is big data exactly? And how should we deal with this phenomenon? HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is closely examining this development within the Big Data Lab. 

The Big Data Lab aims to raise awareness among lecturers, researchers and students regarding the consequences that big data has, or could have, for their field of study.

We come across a growing number of big data applications in everyday practice. For example, in the near future, auditors will no longer check individual figures but rather determine whether the associated algorithm holds up. And if today’s corporate marketers want to establish their organisation’s image, they check various social media. It’s also becoming easier and easier for people to record their own data – via step counters and nutrition apps, for example.

At the moment, universities of applied sciences still pay very little attention to big data. But which impact will big data actually have on the professions they are preparing their students for? It’s important that lecturers and students give critical thought to this matter. How can big data be used in an ethical way? And what are the potential consequences of its use?

The Big Data Lab is a network of HU staff members who focus on big data in their education and research. They come from a wide range of disciplines. Examples include artificial intelligence (based at IT), people analytics (HRM) and marketing analytics (Marketing & Commerce). Together, the network’s members work to find new solutions for the various issues that surround big data.

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Guido Ongena

Guido Ongena

  • Senior researcher