Public lecture Stefan Leijnen

University of Applied Science Utrecht invites you to join the public lecture and inauguration of Stefan Leijnen on Monday 6 December named: Artificial Intelligence: the human in the computer and the computer in the human.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on everyday life and as an engine for new economic activity is widely recognized - and questioned. With complex, often self-learning systems, we are able to reach beyond the limits of our own intelligence: efficient, fast, but sometimes difficult to understand if we can no longer follow the underlying logic and the system chooses its own path. What kind of garden would allow for an AI technology that respects human values such as autonomy, security and privacy to grow? How will the AI professionals of tomorrow, who require a broad view of societal impact, work and how do we educate them? With practice-oriented research, the AI research group contributes to the development of new AI technology explainable and that we want to work together with.

Stefan Leijnen works as a professor at the research group Artificial Intelligence since 2019. Besides his work for the Utrecht University of Applied Science, Stefan is advisor to the Dutch AI coalition.

This event on 6 December will be hosted via a livestream starting 3pm. The link to the livestream will be shared around this date on this page. Any questions? Send an e-mail to

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