Allied healthcare after COVID19, a process evaluation

Covid-19 can cause severe problems in the life of patients. Allied Health care can help reduce these problems. In a large national study the effectiveness of this allied health care is studied. A sub-question focuses on the experiences of patients, applied health care professionals and referring physicians with this care.


De nationale studie richt zich op de effectiviteit op paramedische zorg in de herstelfase na een COVID-19 infectie. De sub-studie waarbij de HU actief betrokken is, richt zich op het krijgen van inzicht in de ervaringen met de paramedische zorg.


From the experiences of stakeholders we will create an impression of the content and efficacy of allied health care after COVID-19 for patients with different severity of the disease.


01 December 2021 - 01 June 2021


Qualitative research with semi-structured interviews on the basis of interview guides developed for the different groups of stakeholders (patients, allied health care professionals and referring physicians). The national study also includes a longitudinal quantitative study with questionnaires.

Collaboration with knowledge partners

In collaboration with: Hogeschool Arnhem & NijmegenCareyn Zorg ThuiChronisch Zorgnet EindhovenCooperatie Fysiotherapeuten Nijmegen, Diëtheek Woerden,Eetstijl DiëtistenpraktijkErgotherapie NederlandKoninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor FysiotherapieNederlandse Vereniging van DiëtistenNederlandse Vereniging van oefentherapeuten Cesar en MensendieckNederlandse Vereniging voor Logopedie en Foniatrie and Stichting Keurmerk Fysiotherapie

Project members Effectiveness of allied healthcare in patients recovering from COVID-19:  Prof. dr. P.J. van der Wees, dr. T.J. Hoogeboom, prof. dr. J. Smit, Prof. dr. R.A. de Bie, A. Gnoth, prof. dr. M.J.L. Graff, X. van Jaarsveld, dr. J.G. Kalf, p. dr. R.W.G.J. Ostelo and prof.dr.M.A.E.E van der Schueren.

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