Art and Positive Health

The use of art to promote positive health is receiving increasing attention. Together with Het Wilde Westen, Careyn, Buurtzorg and DOCK, are we investigating how to collaborate in the use of art in the care and welfare domain.


The aim is to gain insight into the design principles that are important when using art in neighbourhood-oriented work for the benefit of positive health. We want to lay the foundations for a long-term collaboration between the partners in order to contribute to the connection of different domains in which residents are the center and thus build and strengthen an interdisciplinary network through art.


With the project we want to come up with a manual for the use of art to promote positive health.


15 November 2022 - 15 November 2023


Through participatory action research, the collaboration in which art is used is monitored in a development-oriented way and questioned, evaluated and further developed in living labs together with local residents, artists and professionals.

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Aart van der Maas | Researcher | Participation and Urban Development

Aart van der Maas

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