Be prepared for major surgery

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A good preparation is half the battle, also for patients awaiting major surgery. We investigate how the e-health application 'Be Prepared' can help people to be prepared for their surgery and thus have a better and faster recovery. 


The e-health app Be Prepared helps patients prepare for their surgery. Our research focuses on the effectiveness, improvement and implementation of the app with four work packages:

  • Optimizing the app based on patient and carer experiences.
  • Forming a network of primary and secondary healthcare providers providing pre-surgery care.
  • Investigating the effectiveness of the app.
  • Preparing an implementation plan, including business models, for the Be Prepared app.



01 November 2018 - 01 January 2023


Within Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc and UMC Utrecht, a pilot was conducted into the study procedures and usability of the application. Following these results, improvements were made to the study procedures and the content of the application. Subsequently, a large Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) on the effectiveness of the application was conducted in four hospitals. Besides UMC Utrecht and both locations of the Amsterdam UMC, the Dijklander hospital in Hoorn participated.

HU researchers involved in the research

Collaboration with knowledge partners

For this project we work together with the following partners:

UMC Utrecht

Amsterdam UMC


Interactive Studios

Design innovation Group

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Ziekenhuis Fysiotherapie (NVZF)

Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie  (KNGF)

and five physical therapy practices 



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Miriam van der Velde

Miriam van der Velde

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care