Eating through clenched teeth: (mal)nutrition and oral care for the elderly

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In this project, we explore how dieticians and oral hygienists could identify oral health and nutrition problems in the elderly at an early stage. Malnutrition and poor oral health could be avoided as a result.


The early identification and resolution of nutrition and/or oral health problems by oral hygienists and dieticians will help improve the quality of life experienced by the elderly and the healthcare provided to them.


This research is ongoing. Once completed, the research results will be published here.


01 June 2019 - 01 June 2021


We are conducting literature reviews and will use the results to develop questionnaires for dieticians and oral hygienists. We will also ask a number of elderly people about their experiences with oral hygienists and dieticians, with the object of optimising collaboration between these professionals. We will share our findings in a final symposium.

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Liesbeth Haverkort | Researcher | Research group Innovations in Preventive Care

Liesbeth Haverkort

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