Forensic best practices in the social relief and protected living sector

The social relief and protected living sector has to deal with an increasing number of forensic clients. With these clients, professionals have to deal with the risk for repeated delinquent behaviour and the limitation of liberties. There is a need for an overview of best practices for the accompaniment and care for these clients.


We investigate which experiences are being acquired and which working methods and activities are carried out. By supplementing these outcomes with scientific knowledge, we develop a practical handout for professionals in which we integrate the knowledge about working with forensic clients with strengths based methods.


We will deliver an eBook, factsheet and a short movie. 


01 May 2021 - 01 November 2022


The project takes place in three fases:

  • The 18 largest social relief and protected living organizations are included in the study. With each organization, we organize an interview. Also, organizations are asked to provide data to describe the target group of forensic clients.
  • With 6 organizations we organize a follow-up day with observations on location.
  • To conclude, we organize a ‘forensic carrousel’ where all participants can exchange experiences and knowledge.

HU researcher involved in the research

  • Annelies Sturm | Researcher | Working with Mandated Clients
    Annelies Sturm
    • Researcher
    • Research group: Working with Mandated Clients

Collaboration with knowledge partners

In this project we cooperate with dr. Maaike van Vugt, senior researcher at HVO-Querido.