Interprofessional approach to community-based prevention

This PhD research focuses on the interprofessional collaboration on community-based prevention and health promotion. Given the social developments and pressure on care and welfare there is a need for (action) knowledge on this subject and how to involve  citizens in this.


The research has three main objectives:
1. Gaining insight into the different perspectives on interprofessional collaboration on community-based prevention and health promotion.
2. Identifying effective mechanisms and required competences for community-based collaboration and involving citizens in this.
3. Developing sustainable collaboration for community-based prevention in the participating fieldlabs. Based on the outcomes, the development of a method for initiating regional and national system change.


This research started in September 2022. After completion, you will find here an overview of the results.


01 September 2022 - 01 September 2026


First, insight will be provided into patterns in perspectives on interprofessional collaboration on community-based prevention. Next, within fieldlabs of PREVENT action research will be done into the HOW of this collaboration.

Supervision of research

This PhD research is supervised by prof. dr. Niek de Wit from Utrecht University, UMC-Julius Center, prof. dr. Katarina Jerković-Ćosić and dr. Janna Bruijning. Within the fieldlabs of PREVENT we collaborate with several other research groups.

HU researchers involved in the research

Related research groups


Within this project there is collaboration with the Julius Centerof the UMC Utrecht and with Health Hub Utrecht.

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Katarina Jerković-Ćosić | Professor | Research group Innovations in Preventive Care

Katarina Jerković-Ćosić

  • Professor
  • Research group: Innovations in Preventive Care