Learning and supervising in 'hybrid learning environments'

‘Hybrid learning environments’, in which learning and working are intertwined, are very popular with vocational education and training (VET) institutes. However, it is not always clear to trainers what students actually learn from this set-up, or how they can best provide supervision. We are therefore developing methodologies to assist lecturers in supervising students in these learning environments.


Our aim is to collect knowledge about learning and supervision in ‘hybrid learning environments’. Based on these findings, we are developing methodologies for tailor-made supervision of senior secondary vocational education students in ‘hybrid learning environments’. The purpose of these methodologies is to assist trainers in making informed decisions.


Visit the project website for the final report, tools and products (in Dutch). 


01 September 2017 - 30 June 2022


This is a four-year project, during which researchers and lecturer-researchers gather knowledge about learning activities and supervision in existing hybrid learning environments. Through a design study, we are developing methodologies for tailor-made supervision in hybrid learning environments based on the knowledge acquired.

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