Lesson Study for VET

An effective model of teacher professional development based on deep teacher collaboration and focusing on the improvement of student learning through improving teachers’ methodological skills is Lesson Study. With the LS4VET project we adapt the Lesson Study method and make it suitable for contexts of Vocational Education and Training (VET).


The LS4VET project aims to adapt the Lesson Study methodology for the
sector of VET in order to enhance teacher collaboration and improve
teaching quality.


Project members include higher educational institutions with researchers
and teacher educators experienced in Lesson Study. Each institute
cooperates with a partner VET-school that is looking for effective ways to
improve collaboration between their teachers and ways to improve their
vocational education.



The immediate result of the project will be that the methodology and
handbook of an effective model of teacher professional development, the
use of which is steadily spreading all around the world but has only
sporadically applied in VET schools so far, will be available for VET
teachers/trainers in a form that has been adapted for the special context of
VET. The long term impact relates to the main idea of the project: instead
of “delivering” professional development to teachers, LS4VET intends to encourage
and assist the teaching staff of VET schools to become a
professional learning community by providing complex methodology and
toolkit for VET teachers based on the Lesson Study methodology that can
effectively enhance teacher collaboration and through that, teacher
learning and education


01 September 2020 - 31 August 2023


In the project we develop a:
1. Model - a theoretical model that provides guidelines for Lesson Study in
2. an online course
3. Storyboard and Toolkit
4. eBook - a handbook for teachers / trainers and managers within VET


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