A century of innovation in the Dutch construction

Authors Dr. Ir. Frens Pries, André Dorée
Published in Construction Management and Economics
Publication date 2009
Type Article


In recent years, the number of publications on innovation in the construction industry has increased. Many of these documents address qualitative issues, e.g. policies for innovation and present case studies. A more quantitative approach is taken in this paper, which is the continuation of a previous study. It focuses on main types and sources of innovation in the construction industry, and includes an analysis of 55 years of publications in two leading Dutch professional journals. The results show a recent increase in innovation, with two-thirds of innovations coming out of supplying industries. Construction companies contribute mainly in process innovations. Innovation in construction remains to be technology- rather than market-driven. Regulations have a surprising impact, as over one-third of all counted new innovations are related to new regulations.

Language English
Published in Construction Management and Economics
Year and volume 2005 23
Key words construction industry, innovation, management
Page range 561-564