A Method for Indexing Axiomatic Independence Applied to Recongfigurable Manufaturing Systems

Authors Edwin Smulders , Jan Gerritsen , Bert van Huijgevoort , Erik Puik , Darek Ceglarek
Published in Proceedings of ICAD The Seventh International Conference on Axiomatic Design
Publication date 2013
Type Lecture


Modern manufacturing has to deal with global competition, in which customers have high purchasing power. Production efficiency and rapid response to customer demand are dominant conditions for enterprises to stay successful. Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMSs) are designed to have a modular architecture in both mechanical design and control system. The architecture enables change of the machine structure quickly, by adding and removing parts of the system, and by changing the corresponding software programming. It can handle short times to market. This paper presents an ‘Index-Method’ to monitor the reconfiguration of RMS. The method is able to categorise the reconfiguration and related development in seven stages. It focusses specifically on the Independence Axiom. The main goal is to find all relevant parameters to cause interactions, and to decouple them. The solution, aiming to be scientifically vigorous and practically applicable, was applied to a true case; the development of a manufacturing system for an inkjet print head for industrial applications. The realisation of the system required the development of new process technology. The index-method may be considered successful. It has the ability to structure the configuration process of RMSs. The method harmonises well with the industry known V-model.

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Published in Proceedings of ICAD The Seventh International Conference on Axiomatic Design