A review on information design

Authors Erik Puik, Darek Ceglarek
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 24 September 2014
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


from the article: ABSTRACT Independence of design, information and complexity are the basic concepts of Axiomatic Design. These basic concepts have proven to be generic; axiomatic design was successfully applied in many markets and on a broad range of products and services. Information, or entropy, plays a central role in Axiomatic Design. In this paper an attempt is made to organise the different kinds of information, understand them, and evaluate the consequences of the ways they can be applied. A number of six kinds of information are reduced to two most determining kinds of information for the design. Unorganised information is about choosing the right and independent design relations. Axiomatic information is about further optimisation of these design relations. This paper leads to the confirmation that axiom 1 & 2 are in fact corollaries of the complexity axiom that is constituted of the two kinds of information. Though this revises the foundation of Axiomatic Design, the operation and practical application are not much affected for a number of reasons. One of them is that a higher axiom does not alter the basic ideas behind Axiomatic Design; it remains axiomatic.

Language English
Published in Proceedings

Erik Puik