A systematic review of nursing rehabilitation of stroke patients with aphasia

Authors Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir, Irina Poslawsky, Eline Lindeman, Marieke Schuurmans
Published in Journal of Clinical Nursing
Publication date 2010
Type Article


Patients with poststroke aphasia have higher mortality rates and worse functional outcome than patients without aphasia. Nurses are well aware of aphasia and the associated problems for patients with stroke because they have daily contact with them. The challenge is to provide evidence-based care directed at the aphasia. Although rehabilitation stroke guidelines are available, they do not address the caregiving of nurses to patients with aphasia. The aim of this study was to explore the evidence on rehabilitation of stroke patients with aphasia in relation to nursing care, focusing on the following themes: (1) the identification of aphasia, (2) the effectiveness of speech-language interventions.The findings of this study can be used to develop nursing rehabilitation guidelines for stroke patients with aphasia. Further research is necessary to explore the feasibility of using such guidelines in clinical nursing practice and to examine the experiences of patients with nursing interventions directed at aphasia.

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Language English
Published in Journal of Clinical Nursing
Year and volume 19 1/2
Key words afasie, beroerte, revalidatie, verpleegkundigen

Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir

Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir PhD | Researcher | Research group Chronic Diseases

Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir

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