Adding Reconfiguration to an Agile Agent Based Production Grid

Authors Leo van Moergestel, Daniël Telgen, Laurens van den Brink, John-Jules Meyer
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 23 June 2015
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


Presented at the International Conference on Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing (FAIM) 23 - 26 June 2015 at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Authorsupplied abstract: ABSTRACT Customized, on-demand manufacturing is growing through the use of new paradigms and technologies. Agile Manufacturing, cyber physical systems, and reconfigurable systems are examples of these changes. To provide high-mix, low-volume production there is a need for dynamic behaviour and manufacturing machines that can handle a large variety of services. Manufacturing systems can be made more dynamic by using agent-based technology. However, the reconfigurable aspect of these machines has yet to be explored. This paper investigates the possibility to adapt, i.e., reconfigure the hardware of manufacturing machines based on the current manufacturing demand. Using a simulation for a working agent-based platform with reconfiguration capabilities, this paper validates the effects of reconfigurable hardware to change capacity when producing a variety of products in a dynamic production environment. The paper continues to investigate required strategies to effectively use reconfiguration and counter the effects of disturbances that are likely to happen in such systems.

Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words Agile manufacturing, Agent technology

Smart Systems for Healthy Living