Advantages and Limitations of E-Learning in Master’s Level Healthcare Education

Authors Hanna Hopia, Mariël Kanne
Published in Nursing and Advanced Health Care
Publication date 2017
Research groups Living and Wellbeing
Type Article


The current paper is a reflective discussion report that describes the advantages and limitations of online teaching and learning at master’s level healthcare education from the teachers’ point of view. The aim is to open dialogue between nursing educators and healthcare providers on how exclusively online education can ensure the development of healthcare professionals who master the requirements of today´s working life and contribute to innovations in healthcare. This paper addresses specifically how to strengthen master students’ interprofessional communication skills and improve their multicultural competence by developing a well-designed assignment in e-Learning environment. Perceptions and views are based on seven years of experience on online education in cooperation with two educators from different countries.

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Published in Nursing and Advanced Health Care
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Mariël Kanne

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Mariël Kanne

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