Ageing-in-place with the use of ambient intelligence technology: Perspectives of older users

Authors P.G.S. Rutten , J. van Hoof , Helianthe Kort , Prof. Dr. M.S.H. Duijnstee
Published in International Journal of Medical Informatics
Publication date 2011
Type Article


Ambient intelligence technologies are a means to support ageing-in-place by monitoring clients in the home. In this study, monitoring is applied for the purpose of raising an alarm in an emergency situation, and thereby, providing an increased sense of safety and security. Apart from these technological solutions, there are numerous environmental interventions in the home environment that can support people to age-in-place. The aim of this study was to investigate the needs and motives, related to ageing-in-place, of the respondents receiving ambient intelligence technologies, and to investigate whether, and how, these technologies contributed to aspects of ageing-in-place. This paper presents the results of a qualitative study comprised of interviews and observations of technology and environmental interventions in the home environment among 18 community-dwelling older adults with a complex demand for care.


  • Helianthe Kort | Professor | Research group Technology for Healthcare Innovations
    Helianthe Kort
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Technology for Healthcare Innovations

Language English
Published in International Journal of Medical Informatics
Key words ouderen, thuiszorg, technologie, ambient intelligence technology
Page range 310-331