Agents in domestic environments

Authors John-Jules Meyer , Daniël Telgen , Erik Puik , Wouter Langerak , Franc Pape , Glenn Meerstra , Niels van Nieuwenburg , Leo van Moergestel
Publication date 29 May 2013
Research groups Microsystems Technology
Type Lecture


Athor supplied : "This paper describes an agent-based architecture for domotics. This architecture is based on requirements about expandability and hardware independence. The heart of the system is a multi-agent system. This system is distributed over several platforms to open the possibility to tie the agents directly to the actuators, sensors and devices involved. This way a level of abstraction is created and all intelligence of the system as a whole is related to the agents involved. A proof of concept has been built and functions as expected. By implementing real and simulated devices and an easy to use graphical interface, all kind of compositions can be studied using this platform."


  • Erik Puik
    Erik Puik
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Microsystems Technology

Language English
Key words home-automation, multi-agent systems

Microsystems Technology