Assessing quality of nursing care as a confounding variable in an outcome study on Neurodevelopmental treatment

Authors L. van der Weide, M.H.F. Grypdonck, K. Strijker, C. Kruitwagen, Thóra Hafsteinsdóttir
Published in Journal of Nursing Care Quality
Publication date 2007
Type Article


When planning a study measuring the effects of a neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), we were confronted with the methodological problem that while measuring the effects of NDT, a rival hypothesis is that the decision to implement the NDT might be related to the quality of nursing care. Therefore, we measured the quality of nursing care as a possible confounding variable in relation to this outcome study. The quality of nursing care was measured on 12 wards participating in the experimental and control groups of the outcome study. Data were collected from 125 patients and 71 nurses and patients' records. The findings showed no significant differences in the quality of nursing care between the 2 groups of wards (P = .49). This method may be useful to other researchers conducting outcome research and who are confronted with a similar methodological problem.

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Language English
Published in Journal of Nursing Care Quality
Year and volume 22 4
Key words Neuro Developmental Treatment, quality of nursing care
Page range 371-377