Blogging on newspaper web sites

Authors Sanne Hille, Piet Bakker
Published in Journalism Research in the Public Interest
Publication date November 2009
Type Lecture


What is the impact of blogging, either by journalists or readers, on journalism? Do entries on readers' blogs lead to stories for professional journalists and how is the work of a blogging journalist influenced by the fact that he or she nowadays has a second publication platform and is more in contact with readers through the blog? We conducted content analyses of blogs and interviewed professional and amateur bloggers with blogs on Dutch national and local newspaper websites as well as editors who are responsible for the blogs on the websites. Newspapers employ different strategies when it comes to allowing either journalists or readers to blog on their newspaper websites. Local papers seem to profit most when it comes to getting story leads, or even scoops, from readers' blogs. Blogs on national newspapers' websites function more as personal diaries for the bloggers. The blogs by journalists and invited experts seem to flourish more on national papers' websites. There is also a difference in the 'directions' that bloggers get. With a stricter policy, mostly meaning that off-topic entries are discouraged, readers' blogs are more focused and are more valuable for journalists looking for news.

Language English
Published in Journalism Research in the Public Interest
Key words Audience participation, Weblogs, Newspapers (Online), News websites, Moderation (website), Content analysis (Research)