Brainstorming: Talk and the Representation of Ideas and Insights

Authors Jelle van Dijk, Catherine Brouwer
Published in Proceedings PINC 2011, edited by Jacob Buur
Publication date 13 January 2011
Research groups Co-design
Type Lecture


This article concerns the analysis of a brainstorming session, employing conversation analysis. This brainstorm session is intended as an activity in the process of designing a computergame for children. The session is led by a facilitator, who isinstructed by the maker of a prototype of a product (NOOT).The product NOOT is designed to support the interactive development of ideas for products, and it is to some extent used in the brainstorming activity. The brainstorm results in an arrangement of post-it notes on a whiteboard. The analysis discusses different methods for dealing with the task of ensuring that relevant issues end up on the whiteboard and irrelevant ones don’t. Implications for the employment of NOOT in such sessions are then discussed

Language English
Published in Proceedings PINC 2011, edited by Jacob Buur
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-87-991686-9-9
Page range 9-11