Business rules management principles in the Dutch governmental context

Authors Martijn Zoet, Koen Smit
Published in PACIS 2016 Proceedings.
Publication date 27 June 2016
Type Lecture


From the article: Abstract Since more and more business rules management solutions are utilized, organizations search for guidance to design such solutions. Principles are often applied to guide the design of information systems in general. Scientific research on principles for business rules management is limited. The purpose of this paper is to specify, classify, and validate design principles that can be applied to guide the design of a business rules management solution. We conducted a three round focus group and three round Delphi Study, which led to the identification of 22 principles. These 22 principles can be clustered into four categories: 1) deep structure principles, 2) physical structure principles, 3) surface structure principles, and 4) organizational structure principles. Our results provide a framework for the design and analysis of business rules management solutions.

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Language English
Published in PACIS 2016 Proceedings.
Year and volume 2016 260
Key words Business Rules, Business Rules Management