Consciousness without Bodies

Authors Bjorn Beijnon
Published in World Futures
Publication date 22 May 2017
Type Article


This article examines the possibility of the futuristic assumption that the human mind will converge with artificial intelligence technology to create an enhancement of consciousness. By studying how a correlation between consciousness and the brain is made through visual tools that are used in neuroscience, this article elaborates on how these findings affect research that is done in philosophy on the concept of consciousness. This article proposes a new approach on studying the brain, by examining it as a theoretical object, which gives every research field the possibility to argue over the truth in the images that are created of the brain.

Language English
Published in World Futures
Year and volume 73 2
Key words Brain Studies, consciousness, ecological knowledge, imagination, neuroscience, philosophy
Digital Object Identifier 10.1080/02604027.2017.1319664
Page range 78-88