Cross-national social work case analysis: learning from international experience within an electronic environment

Authors Raymond Kloppenburg, V. Gevorgianiene, V. Jakutiene, Peter Hendriks
Published in European Journal of Social Work
Publication date 2008
Research groups Living and Wellbeing
Type Article


This article presents the results of a pilot of a cross-national learning process within the context of social work education. The pilot was carried out in the electronic environment by students from four European universities (Hogeschool Utrecht, Sheffield, Tartu and Vilnius). The analysis of the social work case of a disabled person was aimed at developing students’ abilities to make sensitive cross-national comparisons, to communicate within a different language and cultural context and to demonstrate understanding between practice and policy in a different country. Students’ reflections revealed the relevance of cross-cultural social work case analysis for developing future social workers’ professional and personal competencies. The study offered new insights into the social reality of the students’ own countries, into social work education and practice, and provided a broader understanding of international social work trends. The evaluation of the piloted e-learning programme indicated the advantages and limitations of long distance, cross-national learning.

Language English
Published in European Journal of Social Work
Year and volume 11 4
Page range 383-396

Raymond Kloppenburg