Curbing the urge to care

Authors Pieterbas Lalleman, Mary D. Lagerwey, Lillie M. Shortridge-Baggett, M.J. Schuurmans, Gerhard Smid
Published in International Journal of Nursing Studies
Publication date 2016
Type Article


Nurse managers play an important role in implementing patient safety practices in hospitals. However, the influence of their professional background on their clinical leadership behaviour remains unclear. Research has demonstrated that concepts of Bourdieu (dispositions of habitus, capital and field) help to describe this influence. It revealed various configurations of dispositions of the habitus in which a caring disposition plays a crucial role. Objectives: We explore how the caring disposition of nurse middle managers' habitus influences their clinical leadership behaviour in patient safety practices.

Language English
Published in International Journal of Nursing Studies
Key words clinical leadership, nurse middle managers, hospitals, patient safety
Page range 179-188

Pieterbas Lalleman