Dancing with structure: research in Ecological Pedagogy

Authors René Butter
Published in Quality & Quantity
Publication date 2011
Type Article


Ecological Pedagogy is the “Pedagogy of the whole”. It assumes a continuous interaction between the individual and his or her environment (e.g. Bronfenbrenner (1977)). Traditionally, Pedagogy has been aimed at separate aspects, such as the school, the family, the neighbourhood or government policies. By contrast, Ecological Pedagogy is characterised by an integral approach. The perspectives of children, parents, educators and other stakeholders are in the middle and are approached by taking into account all their important interrelations. In this essay, a plea ismade for a broad research perspective in Ecological Pedagogy in which qualitative and quantitative methods are treated by addressing their similarities rather than their differences.

Language English
Published in Quality & Quantity
Page range 739-741