Design and methods of the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP), a multicomponent targeted intervention to prevent delirium in hospitalized older patients: efficacy and cost-effectiveness in Dutch health care

Authors Sharon Inouye, Roos van der Mast, Bas Steunenberg, Marije Strijbos, Marieke Schuurmans
Published in BMC Geriatrics
Publication date 23 July 2013
Type Article


The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) has been shown to be highly efficient and (cost-)effective in reducing delirium incidence in the USA. HELP provides multicomponent protocols targeted at specific risk factors for delirium and introduces a different view on care organization, with trained volunteers playing a pivotal role. The primary aim of this study is the quantification of the (cost-)effectiveness of HELP in the Dutch health care system. The second aim is to investigate the experiences of patients, families, professionals and trained volunteers participating in HELP.

Language English
Published in BMC Geriatrics
Year and volume 13 78
Key words delier, ouderen, ziekenhuizen, preventie