Design facilitators’ journeys through the jungle of Co- in healthcare

Authors Remko van der Lugt, Tanja van der Laan
Published in The Design Journal
Publication date 2 September 2017
Research groups Co-design
Type Article


Abstract from the authors: "In this paper we discuss our experiences of facilitating collaborative creative activities within healthcare. The study consists of a larger case study on innovation scouting with the staff at the emergency room backed up by a series of seven retrospective mini-case studies. By means of discussing our experiences we identify some insights and challenges. Challenges for design facilitators working in this domain relate to: 1) dealing with the clash of professional eco-systems, the informal designers’ way of working with the formal and procedural healthcare operations; 2) Positioning yourself ‘at the right table’ in order to find backing for concepts; and, 3) steering the intertwined processes of developing strategic direction and concrete products and services on the floor." Tanja van der Laan is spatial designer, lecturer and researcher, creative research group HKU Design (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht).

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Language English
Published in The Design Journal
Year and volume 20 sup 1
Key words Design, Collaborative creativity, Emergency Rooms
Page range 2057-2067

Remko van der Lugt