Determinants for Sustained Use of an Activity Tracker

Authors Sander Hermsen , Jonas Moons , Peter Kerkhof , Carina Wiekens , Martijn de Groot
Published in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth
Publication date 2017
Research groups Behaviour & Conversation in Digital Transition
Type Article


This study offers an overview of the natural development of the use of an activity tracker, as well as the relative importance of a range of determinants from literature. Decay is exponential but slower than may be expected from existing literature. Many factors have a small contribution to sustained use. The most important determinants are technical condition, age, user experience, and goal-related factors. This finding suggests that activity tracking is potentially beneficial for a broad range of target groups, but more attention should be paid to technical and user experience–related aspects of activity trackers.


Language English
Published in JMIR Mhealth Uhealth
Year and volume 5 10
Key words mobile health, mHealth, physical activity, machine learning, habits

Sander Hermsen

Sander Hermsen | Researcher | Research group Behaviour & Conversation in digital transition

Sander Hermsen

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