Does a Relational Spacial Ethnography open up other perspectives?

Authors Arnoldus Pim van Heijst
Publication date 2017
Research groups Sustainable Communities
Type Lecture


Often research, education and professional practice are positioned as different activities. Researchers, students and professionals are defined in subject-object relations. For my Phd. thesis I applied another perspective. In dialogue with School Social Workers, Bachelor Social Work students during their internship, Vocational High School (VHS) Teachers and other involved actants I worked on activities to improve the financial health of VHS students. We explored in a relational spacial ethnography the roles of all above mentioned actants as learning professional and inquirer. During this long term project a mixed method participatory approach was applied. However in this ethnography these activities where integral part of developing of a whole set of interventions. It gave us the opportunity to develop new perspectives at developing interventions and learning in a relational dialogue

Language English
Key words Social Work Education

Pim van Heijst