Empowering people with impairments

Authors Fenne Verhoeven, Karin Slegers, Niels Hendriks, Eva Brandt, Christopher Frauenberg, Rita Maldonado Branco, Jelle van Dijk
Published in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Publication date 15 August 2016
Research groups Co-design
Type Lecture


from the article: ABSTRACT Participatory Design has developed methods that empower people with impairments to actively take part in the design process. Many designed artifacts for this target group likewise aim to empower their users in daily life. In this workshop, we share and relate best practices of both empowering methods and empowering designs. Participants are therefore invited to bring along cases of designing for- and with people with sensory-, cognitive- or social impairments. Our workshop consists of three parts: (1) Foregrounding empowering elements in PD methods using method stories, containing the backstory of a method put into practice; (2) Reflecting on technological artifacts, exploring the empowering qualities of person-artifact-context interaction; (3) constructing a critical synopsis of the various relationships between empowering products and -methods. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2948076.2948101

Language English
Published in ACM International Conference Proceeding Series
Key words Empowerment, Impairment, Participatory Methods, Method Stories, Assistive Technology, Artifact, Product Design

Fenne Verhoeven