End-users Compliance to the Information Security Policy

Authors Peter Straver, Pascal Ravesteijn
Published in Communications of the IIMA:
Publication date 2018
Research groups Process Innovation and Information Systems
Type Article


In this paper we research the following question: What motivational factors relate, in which degree, to intentions on compliance to ISP and how could these insights be utilized to promote endusers compliance within a given organization? The goal of this research is to provide more insight in the motivational factors applicable to ISP and their influence on end-user behavior, thereby broadening knowledge regarding information systems security behaviors in organizations from the viewpoint of non-malicious abuse and offer a theoretical explanation and empirical support. The outcomes are also useful for practitioners to complement their security training and awareness programs, in the end helping enterprises better effectuate their information security policies. In this study an instrument is developed that can be used in practice to measure an organizational context on the effects of six motivational factors recognized. These applicable motivational factors are determined from literature and subsequently evaluated and refined by subject matter experts. A survey is developed, tested in a pilot, refined and conducted within four organizations. From the statistical analysis, findings are reported and conclusions on the hypothesis are drawn. Recommended Citation Straver, Peter and Ravesteyn, Pascal (2018) "End-users Compliance to the Information Security Policy: A Comparison of Motivational Factors," Communications of the IIMA: Vol. 16 : Iss. 4 , Article 1. Available at: https://scholarworks.lib.csusb.edu/ciima/vol16/iss4/1

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  • Pascal Ravesteijn | Professor | Process innovation and information systems
    Pascal Ravesteijn
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Language English
Published in Communications of the IIMA:
Year and volume 16 4
Key words Awareness, Security, Motivational Factors

Process Innovation and Information Systems