Examining user perceptions of smartwatch through dynamic topic modeling

Authors Taehyun Ha, Bjorn Beijnon, Sangyeon Kim, Jang Hyun Kim
Published in Telematics and Informatics
Publication date 1 November 2017
Type Article


Full text beschikbaar met HU-account. Since the 2010s, various companies have begun to manufacture wearable smartwatch devices, but the current sales of these products are not impressive. This study investigates how the limitations of the smartwatch are related to perceptual discomforts. Theoretically, this study evaluates the claim that the discomfort that users appear to have with the smartwatch stem from failed remediation. Users perceive the smartwatch more as a set of functional sensors rather than a watch or smartphone. Specifically, from the remediation perspective, the authors asked how users perceive the functions of the smartwatch. This study used dynamic topic modeling for topics on the smartwatch on Reddit. This study reports that the smartwatch has failed to provide a proper way to use the remediated content that it provides. Suggestions for future studies are addressed.

Language English
Published in Telematics and Informatics
Year and volume 34 7
Key words Smartwatch, discomfort, Remediation, Dynamic topic modeling, Reddit
Digital Object Identifier 10.1016/j.tele.2017.05.011
Page range 1262-1273