Factors influencing exacerbation-related self-management in patients with COPD

Authors Yvonne Korpershoek , Marieke Schuurmans , Jaap C.A. Trappenburg , L.I.T. Nijssen , Sigrid C.J.M. Vervoort
Published in International Journal of COPD
Publication date 28 November 2016
Research groups Chronic Diseases
Type Article


In patients with COPD, self-management skills are important to reduce the impact of exacerbations. However, both detection and adequate response to exacerbations appear to be difficult for some patients. Little is known about the underlying process of exacerbation-related self-management. Therefore, the objective of this study was to identify and explain the underlying process of exacerbation-related self-management behavior. A qualitative study using semi-structured in-depth interviews was performed according to the grounded theory approach, following a cyclic process in which data collection and data analysis alternated. Fifteen patients (male n=8; age range 59–88 years) with mild to very severe COPD were recruited from primary and secondary care settings in the Netherlands, in 2015.


Language English
Published in International Journal of COPD
Key words COPD, Zelfmanagement
Page range 2977-2990

Yvonne Korpershoek