Focus on image sensors

Authors Jos Gunsing , Daniël Telgen , Johan van Althuis , Jaap van de Loosdrecht , Mark Stappers , Peter Klijn
Published in Mikroniek
Publication date 2013
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Article


Robots need sensors to operate properly. Using a single image sensor, various aspects of a robot operating in its environment can be measured or monitored. Over the past few years, image sensors have improved a lot: frame rate and resolution have increased, while prices have fallen. As a result, data output has increased and in a number of applications data transfer to a processing unit has become the limiting factor for performance. Local processing in the sensor is one way of reducing data transfer. A report on the Vision in Robotics and Mechatronics project

Language English
Published in Mikroniek
Year and volume 2013 5
Page range 15-18

Smart Systems for Healthy Living