Focus on image sensors

Authors Jos Gunsing, Daniël Telgen, Johan van Althuis, Jaap van de Loosdrecht, Mark Stappers, Peter Klijn
Published in Mikroniek
Publication date 2013
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Article


Robots need sensors to operate properly. Using a single image sensor, various aspects of a robot operating in its environment can be measured or monitored. Over the past few years, image sensors have improved a lot: frame rate and resolution have increased, while prices have fallen. As a result, data output has increased and in a number of applications data transfer to a processing unit has become the limiting factor for performance. Local processing in the sensor is one way of reducing data transfer. A report on the Vision in Robotics and Mechatronics project

Language English
Published in Mikroniek
Year and volume 2013 5
Page range 15-18

Smart Systems for Healthy Living