Fostering effective teaching behavior through the use of data-feedback

Authors H.T.G. van den Hurk, A.A.M. Houtveen, W.J.C.M. van de Grift
Published in Teaching and Teacher Education
Publication date 2016
Type Article


In this study data-feedback in a cyclic model of data-driven teaching was used to enhance the teaching behavior of students registered in a master course for teachers. Differences between pre- and post-test measures in a simple one-group pre-test post-tests design proved to be significant with effect sizes ranging from d = 0.29 to d = 0.76. Improving teaching behavior in a time span of only six weeks on average is remarkable since earlier studies indicated that it takes over 15 years to master complex teaching skills with a ‘natural development’ of teaching skills of about 25% of a standard deviation.

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Language English
Published in Teaching and Teacher Education
Year and volume 60 November 2016
Key words data feedback, professional learning and development, effective teaching behavior, classroom observation, primary education
Page range 444-451