Guidelines for sign language test development, evaluation, and use

Authors Tobias Haug, Wolfgang Mann, Eveline Boers-Visker, Jessica Contreras, Charlotte Enns, Ros Herman, Katherine Rowley
Publication date 2016
Type Other


The following guidelines address issues related specifically to sign language tests and testing of children since most of the existing guidelines focus on tests for adult learners. Links are provided to existing guidelines for test development, such as from the International Testing Commission (ITC), or the European Association of Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA), which include more general, construct-independent issues on (language) tests to provide additional/in-depth information. The guidelines stated here serve as a point of reference to develop, evaluate, and use tests, both for children or adult learners of a sign language. To investigate specific topics more in-depth, we recommend using existing guidelines (see Additional resources and guidelines for (language) test development) or refer to publications on sign language test development and adaptation (see Selected references

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