How I learned to appreciate our tame social scientist

Authors Sander Hermsen, Remko van der Lugt, Sander Mulder, Reint-Jan Renes
Published in Proceedings of DRS 2016
Publication date 2016
Research groups Co-design, Communication in Digital Transition
Type Lecture


Designing solutions for complex behaviour change processes can be greatly aided by integrating insights from the behavioural sciences into design practice. However, this integration is hampered by the relative inaccessibility of behavioral scientific knowledge. Working in a multidisciplinary of design researchers and behavioural scientists may bridge the gap between the two fields. This paper shares our experiences in working as such a multidisciplinary group on a large project, amongst others consisting of the design of interventions for workplace safety. Our cooperation was fruitful, both for design researchers – being able to better structure the messiness of the design process –, behavioural scientists – gaining in ecological validity of their methods –, and commissioners – increased trust in potential outcomes of the design process. However, difficulties preventing synergy also transpired.

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Language English
Published in Proceedings of DRS 2016
Key words behaviour change, design research, theory driven design
Page range 1375-1389

Sander Hermsen