Ignorance is bliss

Authors Joseph Timothy Foley, Erik Puik, Darek Ceglarek
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 21 September 2016
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


From the article: Abstract The Information Axiom in axiomatic design states that minimising information is always desirable. Information in design may be considered to be a form of chaos and therefore is unwanted. Chaos leads to a lack of regularities in the design and unregulated issues tend to behave stochastically. Obviously, it is hard to satisfy the FRs of a design when it behaves stochastically. Following a recently presented and somewhat broader categorization of information, it appears to cause the most complication when information moves from the unrecognised to the recognised. The paper investigates how unrecognised information may be found and if it is found, how it can be addressed. Best practices for these investigations are derived from the Cynefin methodology. The Axiomatic Maturity Diagram is applied to address unrecognised information and to investigate how order can be restored. Two cases are applied as examples to explain the vexatious behaviour of unrecognised information.

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Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words information categorization, axiomatic design, Cynefin
Page range 70-77

Erik Puik

Smart Systems for Healthy Living