iKOP: International exchange of research and practice in e-Health

Authors Jacqueline Dijkstra , Helianthe Kort
Published in Gerontechnology
Publication date 2011
Type Article


Within the next decade, the number of professional- and family carers will be insufficient to deal with the increasing demand for care. The shortage on the labor market for health care professionals becomes evident by the time the demand for care exceeds the supply1. In order to find solutions to make the supply of care services sufficient and fitting to the demand for care, researchers, professionals, and business administrations, all in the domain of health care, work together with SMEs in the iKOP project.


  • Helianthe Kort | Professor | Research group Technology for Healthcare Innovations
    Helianthe Kort
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Technology for Healthcare Innovations

Language English
Published in Gerontechnology
Year and volume 10 1