Implementing Manufacturing as a Service

Authors Leo Moergestel, Erik Puik, Daniël Telgen, John-Jules Meyer
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 14 May 2015
Research groups Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


Presented at the 11th International Conference on ICT in Education, Research and Industrial Applications: Integration, Harmonization and Knowledge Transfer Lviv, Ukraine, May 14-16, 2015. Author supplied: Abstract. User requirements and low-cost small quantity production are new challenges for the modern manufacturing industry. This means that small batch sizes or even the manufacturing of one single product should be affordable. To make such a system cost-effective it should be capable to use the available production resources for many different products in parallel. This paper gives a description of the requirements and architecture of an end-user driven production system. The end-user communicates with the production system by a web interface, so this manufacturing system can be characterized in terms of cloud comput- ing as the implementation of manufacturing as a service, abbreviated to MaaS.

Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words Agile manufacturing, Agent technology, MaaS

Smart Systems for Healthy Living